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Fischer Family Chiropractic has helped our daughter tremendously with managing her sinus and ear infections. As Dr. Derek knows this was my last grasp at trying to find something to help and was a little skeptical at the start. A little background behind our daughter Alex, she was born with an unusual birth defect that destoryed her kidneys. After a long road of hospital stays and dialysis she was given the gift of a kidney transplant when seh was two and a half years old. Due to her transplant she needs to take medication that keeps her immune system suppressed to allow for her body not to fight her transplant, with the downside it also makes her more likely to become sick from all the other kids shes in school with. About four years ago Alex began getting sinus infections that owuld last throughout the whole school year and require antibiotics constantly. If she caught even a mild cold from someone it would turn into a major event taking us back to the doctors office. Then within the last two years she would start to get ear infections with the sinus infection. Every time her doctor would start antibiotics within a week after finishing it owuld come back with a vengeance making her feel horrible. One day I was in Dr. Dereks office with my husband and saw a poster about ear infections in one of the rooms. So I began to ask questions. Dr. Derek was great at answering everything and then completed his exam of Alex and thought he could help. Alex completed three months of intesive chiropractic treatment, she was on antibiotics for the first month then we stopped to see if this was working. I'm happy to say she has been sinus and ear infection free ever since. It has been four months now since her last infection, and her body was even able to fight off a normal cold with out antibiotics. We go back for once a month maintenance adjustments and am just enjoying her not feeling sick constantly.

Dan W. 


My husband and I have both been undergoing a treatment plan with Dr. Derek and we both have seen incredible results. His neck injury of which has been treated previously with shots for years that was ultimately going to end in surgery has now dramatically taken the opposite direction all thanks to Dr. Derek. My once almost daily headaches have subsided, constant knee and back pain is non-existent all thanks to Fischer Family Chiropractic. We have searched many times in the past for great chiropractic care, finally we are in good hands. Friendly, personable, and caring staff is the icing on the cake!

Raquel S.


This is a special note to say thank you for the great treatment keeping me pain free and moving. When I first walked in your office I could not drive myself there because the pain in my lower back and legs was too extreme. I could not move, sit, walk, or lay down without pain. Now I can touch my toes again and I can move in any direction. My last x-ray showed that I now have a nice curve in my neck and my back is more aligned. I am happy with the treatment that I receive and how I feel now.

 Margarita H. 


I am currently on dialysis three days a week due to kidney failure resulting from acute kidney and respiratory failure in March. I have also had surgery on my lower back, resulting in limited mobility and a lot of pain. Dr. Derek has been adjusting me and working on the specific area of my spine that affects my kidneys. Within one month my kidney output doubled. My creatinine level has been steadily decreasing as well (this shows how well the kidneys are filtering). This week, my dialysis has been cut down from 3 days to 2 days a week- this is huge! I attribute the increase in kidney function to the chiropractic adjustments I have been receiving. My goal is to get off of dialysis completely. With the help of chiropractic, I believe it will happen. My mobility has increased; I have very little pain in lower back. I have more energy and my quality of life has improved.

Joe R. 


Before I started chiropractic care I relied heavily on allergy medicines and was considered to have chronic sinus infections. I was on antibiotics 5-6 times per year treating the condition. I started chiropractic care with Dr. Fischer for strictly back pain; having no idea the effect it would have on my allergies. After six months of treatments not only have I found relief from back pain; but I’ve stopped using allergy medicine completely and have yet to rely on antibiotics to fend off sinus infections. Maybe there’s something to this chiropractic thing? Thank you to Dr. Fischer and his staff!

 Jeff H.


We started bringing Sean in to see if adjustments would help with his asthma symptoms. After six weeks, our use of steroid inhalers has reduced dramatically. As an added benefit Sean now sleeps through the night; something he has never done! I had no idea until seeing a pamphlet in the office that adjustments could help with asthma or with his sleeping schedule. We are so happy with the progress that Sean has made!

Rachael S.


I came to the Fischer Family Chiropractic back in June with constant issues of back and neck pain. After many headaches; it was time to see a chiropractor. From the first day to now I am 100 percent better and close to being pain free. I am more active now and it is all thanks to chiropractic. I would recommend Fischer Family Chiropractic Staff and Dr. Derek to absolutely anyone.

John T.


I started coming to Dr. Derek for neck and back pain from a car accident that occurred a while back. After regular visits and adjustments; I now am pain free for the first time in over ten years! I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia just before I started coming. I was having one to two flare ups a month. I have not had a flare up since I started coming in and getting adjusted. Thank you to Dr. Derek for letting me know what it’s like to go through the day without pain! I feel healthier and in better control of my health since I started coming here! Chiropractic care will be a regular part of my life from now on!

Amanda S.


For 3 years I had been on pain meds for my hips. I hurt so much at night that laying on my right of left side made sleep difficult. Every 6 months the doctors would up my dose of medication. I was looking into hip surgery, when someone suggested I try Fischer Family Chiropractic. With in two weeks I was sleeping better, 4 weeks the pain was gone in my hips and 6 weeks I was off Cyclobenzaprine. I also suffered from chronic migranes and it has been over a month since one has occured. No more stiff neck making me miserable. Thank You Fischer Family Chiropractic!

Carolyn R. 


When I started my care with Dr. Derek I was diabetic, I had constant pain down my right arm, I had everyday headaches and acid reflux. When I would go into past doctors they would only push medication and pain pills.

Within the first two weeks of my care with Dr. Derek, my pain had significantly resided. The pain in my arm went away. I could sit up to get out of bed instead of roll out of bed each morning. As I continued my care at the clinic, one evening I had spaghetti for dinner and forgot to take my acid reflux medicine before bed, I typically wake up in the middle of the night with acid reflux pain and I slept through the night and into the morning with NO ACID REFLUX symptoms, since then I have been off my medicine for it. About 8 to 9 months into my chiropractic care I was told I no longer was diabetic!! I am also on no other medications

I would and am recommending Dr. Derek Fischer and the clinic to people, especially those who have experienced similar symptoms to mine.



I am very pleased with Dr. Dereks treatment of my neck, I thought I would need neck fusion surgery someday. Now, I know I won't need that and the absence of discomfort and occasional burning sensation is gone. My neck now has a lot more flexibility and movement. Along with a much healthier and movable spine.

Tom M.


“Reese and Ethan have been coming to the clinic to see Dr. Christy for many years. Being adjusted has helped combat some of the seizures they have had. Also their walking has improved from being adjusted. These boys no matter what, always laugh during an adjustment they are never sad or scared. Their mom knows that by getting regular adjustments it has helped keep them at the best health possible!”


Before I started my care at Fischer Family Chiropractic I was having lower back pain that was causing numbness and paralyzing pain. It was tough to walk, bend to grab things adn I felt depressed with all the discomfort. Throughout care I could sit longer periods of time without pain. I could also stand without discomfort in my lower back. I overall felt relieved as I continued my care and Thankful to God I could move again. 

Thank you Dr. Derek for allowing me to enjoy life again, I recommend Fischer Family Chiropractic to anoyone; especially those experiencing back pain.

Brett L.


Being a first time Mom, taking my three month old to a chiropractor seemed a bit out of the normal. Olivia had severe acid reflux, projectile vomitting, constantly upset and never slept more than two hours a night. After her second visit, Olivia slept six hours straight! After a few more visits, her projectile vomitting stopped, she became a happier baby and is no longer on reflux medication. Taking Olivia to Fischer Family Chiropractic was one of the best decisions I have made. Thank you for all your help!

Ashley and Olivia C.


I am 57 years old and for the first time in my life I do not see a bleak painful future. My road to recovery begins with Fischer Family Chiropractic and Dr. Derek. When I arrived on their doorstep I was scared, hurting and confused. I have been given the run around by regular physicians all my life. I was given medication to hide the pain, but never any reason for it. The approach of Fischer Family worked for me. I was given a choice; relieve me of pain and maintain or fix it. First time in my life I was given a choice. Fischer Family did not stop there, short seminars were held throughout the year touching on lifestyle choices. Not a sales pitch to buy a product, but real living choices that were explained on how they affect your body and helath all around. Once Dr. Derek had worked his magic I became aware of and in control of what each pain meant, I was able to find out a root cause for all of this. A malformation of my right hip socket, which I had been compensating for my whole life. I am not touting praise for all chiropractors and that it is the solution to everyones health problems. I am singing the praises of Fischer Family Chiropractic and on their choice of how to run their practice. I recommend to everyone I meet who is having problems with pain, to try out Fischer Family Chiropractic. "It can't hurt to be checked out. It might even be the solution to your pain. It was for me."

Lee N. 


I figured that 25 years of migraine headaches was enough. I unfortunately suffered from   20-25 headaches per month. I had a prescription for 12 Imitrex per month. I would cut them in half to make sure they’d last though the month. Sometimes I would run out and have to just suffer through a migraine. I tried everything from eliminating sugar from my diet, meditation, birth control pills (made it way worse) and even BOTOX INJECTIONS $$$$. I have been to several Neurologist, Internists and OBGYN’s. Everyone just kept prescribing medication, but no one could ever explain the WHY.

For people who suffer from Migraines, we learn to power through it. It becomes a way of life and you just have to deal with it. You avoid situations that could “trigger” them. This in my case was just about everything…smells, too much sleep, not enough sleep, alcohol, hunger, stress, relaxation, hormones. I actually gave up trying to figure it out, since it appeared that I would just live the rest of my life with Migraines.

One day when I had an epic headache and stayed home from work, I decided to go to Dr. Fischer. I had seen their sign a million times when I went through the Caribou drive thru. (Oh, not enough caffeine gave me headaches too!)

I went in and had the X-rays and initial exam done. For the FIRST time in my life someone told me “I know what is causing your Migraines.” I literally burst into tears. No one has ever said that, EVER. It meant if there was a cause, there could be a cure. There are no words that can describe what that moment felt like.

Immediately after I started being treated, my headaches were reduced. The first month, instead of having 25 headaches, I had 5. I went 15 straight days without a headache. 15 DAYS. To people who don’t suffer from Migraines, they might think 5 Migraines a month is a lot. Not for me, that is a 4/5 reduction in headaches. Nothing and I mean NOTHING has ever eliminated that many headaches EVER.

It has been 2 months since I started treatment, my atlas angle has improved 8 degrees, my headaches continue to reduce and my energy level is unbelievable.

I feel like I can make plans, exercise, and focus on anything and everything without worrying about my headaches.

I can’t thank Fischer Family Chiropractic enough. You really have given me my life back. Anyone who is suffering, commit to the treatment plan. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.


Lisa R.


My 5 week old son was experiencing a lot of gas with abdomen discomfort and not sleeping. We decided to try chiropractic care, we are so glad we did he is now sleeping better, his gas/abdomen discomfort is much better. He seems like a different baby; more calm and happy. He is also latching better for nursing. Dr. Derek and Fischer Family Chiropractic have been a lifesaver!

Erin E. 


My son was 3 weeks old and colicky. I didnt know what to do. He screamed from 8:00pm- 3:00am; non-stop. I was told to try the chiropractor. We went to Fischer Family Chiropractic and my son is now 6 weeks old and is 99% better! He sleeps great, no screaming and relaxes. We went three times a week for about three weeks. It works wonders. 

Thank you so much!

Ashley and Kolton J.


Since starting chiropractic care, I've had a significant change inmy life. For the first time in two years I get home and my back doesnt prevent me from playing with my kids after work. I get home and actually have energy to be a Dad again. According to my wife, "You're less irritable at home and are able to interact to be a part of their (our girls) life." Because of teh care provided to me, Im sleeping better adn not vegging all weekend long, I have a life again. Thank you Dr. Derek adn teh Fischer Family Chiropractic office. I'm able to enjoy my kids and life again.

Joseph W. 


Good morning,

Just a short note to share my thoughts on the great work of Dr. Derek and how it has improved my golf. 

In the great game of golf, the various body parts position relative to the golf ball determines all aspects of ball striking. With every body shape there is an ideal "swing plane" where the back swing, ball impact and follow through dictates the flight of the ball. The swing mechanics, precision, ball speed combined with the type of trajectory and spin affect distance and accuracy of each shot. With better body posture and an increased flexibility, the golfer may then efficiently use the "big muscles" of the lower body to produce longer and more precise golf shots. Even the strongest people have little chance to control the golf ball if their swing basics are not sound.

Given these basics, I have found that the treatments received at Fischer Family Chiropractic have drastically improved my posture, stance, rotation and overall ball striking. This is due to the vastly improved correct spine angle, flexibility and positioning. These treatments are allowing my body to deliver more distance and control on a consistent basis.

Along with better general overall health, I am a prime example on how these treatments will improve any recreational or serious golfer.

Thanks for all your efforts,

Don G 


I put off seeking help for my back pain, leg pain and foot pain for months. Finally I consulted Dr. Fischer because I couldn't stand the pain any longer. I had not been able to get regular exercise for about 10 months - usually I walk several times a week. However, by the time I went for my first appointment, I could barely walk across the room. It hurt to bend. It hurt to raise my arms to reach in a high cupboard or even wash my hair. 
That was only 5 1/2 weeks ago. Last week I walked 3 times for 2  1/2 miles PLUS twice for 3 miles. I'm walking again! I can do housework - I feel better. About 85% of the pain is gone, often there is NO pain. I feel so much better, happier, and's working!

Mary P



My husband and I have been going to Fischer Family Chiropractic for almost a year and have notice a drastic improvement in our overall health. Neither my husband or myself have been sick in over a year. We feel great and enjoy our weekly visits to see Dr Derek, Dr Christy and Tammy. We have even encourage our family member to check out Fischer Family Chiropractic. Now my sister, her son and my brother-in-law all going to Fischer Family Chiropractic..

Amy B. 


I have been a patient of Fischer Family Chiropractic for two months and highly recommend their services to anyone exploring the potential benefits of chiropractic care. You'll appreciate their approach - while attempting to reduce any acute body pain secondary to joint misalignments, you will also learn new concepts for preventative care. Dr. Derek and Dr. Christy take a broad approach to medicine that includes evidence-based, scientific concepts while considering the holistic paradigm of wellness. This combination is sure to suit anyone seeking to minimize pain and optimize overall wellness. Further, the aesthetic of the office is a fantastic way to end a work day. You'll walk into a calming atmosphere and encounter Tammy, a lovely support to the doctors. You might enjoy a Caribou coffee on your way out, too :)



Fischer Family Chiropractic has drastically improved the quality of my life. Unlike most patients who go see a chiropractor for back or neck problems, I get chiropractic to help with my anxiety and panic attacks. Last summer (2011), I began to have debilitating panic attacks and anxiety. I went to a clinic to see a doctor, who immediately prescribed me medication and sent me out the door. I knew this medication was just treating my symptoms and not getting to the root of the issue. Through a referral, I was told that Chiropractic care could help with anxiety. Dr. Derek and Dr. Christy came highly recommended from a Chiropractor I had known, that wasn't in my community. I am beyond pleased with the care I receive. The office is comfortable and welcoming. Tammy, the receptionist, is wonderful. They take their time with each patient and are VERY flexible with schedules and appointments. Also, there is no pressure. They recommend an individualized care plan for your needs, and then leave it up to you how often you'd like to come in. I go once a week, and the anxiety and panic that use to affect me every day, maybe happen once a month. Also, you can't beat the free health classes they offer every Tuesday night. I HIGHLY recommend Fischer Family Chiropractic!

Molly A.


Dr Derek and Dr Christy run an efficient, friendly and welcoming office and I would recommend both their office and chiropractic care to anyone who is in pain and/or looking for a healthier lifestyle. Besides lessening my facial tremors, which was the reason I went to them in the first place, I have had an increase in my overall health; I have yet to be sick this winter and I had an incredibly fast recovery from a sports injury this past fall. I highly recommend Fischer Family Chiropractic.

Melissa B.

Before coming here I was very anti-chiropractic, and had dealt with back pain for many years. After having severe pain down my left leg for 2 weeks and burning through pain pills, I decided to give it a try.  After just 2 adjustments I was shoveling the driveway. I have been converted AND my 4 year old son is also now a patient!

Dawn Z.


Before meeting the Fischers, I experienced years of increasing back pain, frequency of tension headaches, and a growing number of seemingly random aches, pains, unexplained numbness in my legs, and joint pain in my knees and hips. My tension headaches were happening three to five times a month. Any friends and family who knew about these issues typically responded with some version of "that's just what happens when you get older."

I had no idea chiropractic care could have such a large impact on what seemed like so many disconnected issues. After going through an initial consultation and x-rays with Dr. Derek, we discovered two subluxations and two sections of my spine developing arthritis and losing curvature. In only three months of corrective care, nearly all of my curvature in both locations has been restored, my subluxations are corrected, and most importantly, all of the nagging aches, pains, and headaches are all but gone.

After five months of care, I have now had exactly two tension headaches, and both were caused by me falling asleep on the couch while watching football. The two times I've had any joint pain, Dr. Derek has been able to correct the issue with a quick adjustment. My weight has also naturally corrected itself downward seven pounds during this time (which includes the standard holiday binge sessions!).

My quality of life has improved significantly as a result of the care, education, and treatment of these fantastic people. I strongly recommend them to anyone who will listen!

Dave D


For almost as long as I can remember, I have been a frequent headache sufferer. I am excited to say that after the first one to two weeks of adjustments, I haven't had any headaches. Once in awhile, I feel a headache twinge coming on, but it never manifests into a full-blown headache. Can't wait to see how this will be in the future, since I've only received just over a month of adjustments. On another positive note, I've barely noticed my fall seasonal allergies.

Thank you Dr. Derek and Dr. Christy!

Niki F.


I started having shoulder pain this spring after throwing out my arm frisbee golfing and playing softball. I like to stay active and also work as a camp counselor so my arm would constantly be in pain. I came in to see Dr. Derek and Dr. Christy for a free check up and they showed me with an x-ray how my posture was completely off, and my spine was curving the wrong way. This was causing pain in my shoulder because the subluxation was at the shoulder level and causing my head to tilt downward -3%.

After 3 months of chiropractic care and tension therapy, my spine almost has the curve back, and my head tilt is at 21%! I have no pain in my shoulder, and I'm constantly throwing the football around and playing dodgeball!

Tyler L.


Before coming to Dr. Derek, I had been experiencing lower back pain from a car accident as well as asthma, which I've had for as long as I can remember. I used to have to take an inhaler before every one of my soccer practices and games, but after seeing Dr. Derek for only 2 - 3 weeks, my breathing has improved immensely. I don't even need to take my inhaler anymore! Not to mention, I don't have anymore back pain! Thank you so much for helping me thus far!



Dr. Derek & Dr. Christy,
As you will recall when we first met I told you that I have had bad posture for over 50 years and also had a difficult time breathing.  I never saw these 2 problems related.  Since meeting with you I now understand how they are related.   After a few months of adjustments my posture has greatly improved and I can easily breathe which is something I can't remember doing for a very long time.  I am also sleeping a lot better because I no longer wake up during the night trying to catch my breath.  Thanks for the education on spinal heath and helping me breathe freely again.  If you ever meet potential clients who might be skeptical, please have them give me a call.  I would be happy to talk to them about how my quality of life has improved since being your patient.

Thanks again and all the best!



For countless years I have suffered from stomach pains/aches. I have consulted with my regular medical doctor at two clinics and told them I was suffering from stomach pain 3 to 4 times a day! I was told that my stomach aches were probably from what I was eating and I should watch what I eat. I noticed that some foods were worse than others and I did my best to stay away from those particular foods. Then the past year or so I noticed my stomach aches were becoming an issue after everything I ate. I'm 25 years old now and had lower back problems in my career as a gymnast during high school. I had numbness in my legs, a dull to moderate constant ache in my lower back that I never seemed to be able to massage or crack just right to relieve the pain. For years I "got use to" the pain in my lower back with having to adjust the way I would sit and lay down every so often. When I hurt my back they couldn't find anything wrong. It wasn't until I lost feeling in my legs for a couple days that they really looked into it. The doctor came to the conclusion that I had lost almost all the cartilage between my lower disk and my hip allowing the nerve to be pinched. They then prescribed me muscle relaxers 3 times daily along with high dose of Advil. That seemed to work for the time being. Now fast forwarding 7 years later I still suffer with lower back pain.

I made my appointment to see Dr. Derek and Dr. Christy. With never being to a chiropractor before this was all new to me. I went in for my x-ray, and scheduled a follow up to see the results. I was in shock!! I know I had lower back issues but seeing my bones on the x-ray was the real deal. My husband came along with me and we both signed up to see Dr. Derek and Dr. Christy. They were both so informative and understanding to our needs.

Three months later, I'm proud to say that I have had very few to no stomach aches. I never would have guessed that my lower back problems would have any relation to my stomach pain. I read an email that said the symptoms of cervical cancer and had my appointment made with my medical doctor to get some tests done. After meeting the Fischer's I'm so glad I didn't undergo the stress of tests for cancer. I have never been so relieved to have found the cure to my stomach pains. I can also say my husband is happy to not have to listen to me complain about having a stomach ache any longer!

Thank you so much Dr. Derek and Dr. Christy Fischer. I'm looking forward to a long relationship with you both and a pain free future!




I started having trouble with my neck over 10 years ago in high school, during the wrestling season. It later resurfaced during my time in the Army. The years of intense physical activity and carrying heavy loads on my back and shoulders took their toll. I dealt with reoccuring pain in my neck and back, numbness in my hand, and times where I had virtually no strength in my left arm for about six years. After some time and more degeneration, the VA Hospital brought up the possibility of surgery on my spine. Being only 28 years old, I was not happy or satisfied with this solution. I contacted Dr. Derek and Dr. Christy about the VA Hospital's diagnosis. Dr. Fischer showed me x-rays, explained to me what the issue was and what it would take to fix it. Within a handful of appointments I was virtually pain free. I had more range of motion and flexibility in my neck than I'd had the previous decade. I wasn't in pain every morning when I woke up. I realized that I had forgotten what it was like to live without that nagging pain and discomfort holding me back. I seriously feel like the clock had been turned back about 10 years. Surgery is no longer an option for me, and I intend to continue my chiropractic care to improve and maintain my level of health. I am grateful to Dr. Derek and Dr. Christy for what they have done for me; I could not have imagined a better experience with chiropractic care.



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  • "Dr. Derek and Dr. Christy run an efficient, friendly and welcoming office and I would recommend both their office and chiropractic care to anyone who is in pain and/or looking for a healthier lifestyle."
    Melissa B.